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ODORYLAN MESO,Bouric Acid HYALURONIC ACID,Microneedle Ampoule for meso Pen


  • Meso Hyaluronic acid ampoulesUse:FaceMain Ingredient:Glycerin, PEARL, Hyaluronic AcidIngredient:Vitamin C, vegan, Organic, Hyaluronic AcidForm:LiquidFeature:Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, Blemish Clearing, Dark Circles, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer, Nourishing, Skin Revitalizer, WhiteningSkin Type:All skin typesMain function:Moisturizing Anti-aging BrighteningVolume:5ml*10pcsPurity:NaturalShelf Life:3 yearsCertification:GMP/MSDS


100% new quality
Suitable for skin: mixed, oily, neutral, dry
Net content: 5ml * 10

Operation process:

1. Contains unique wrinkle reducing ingredients,Hyaluronic acid can improve skin elasticity and appearance and replenish moisture.

2:10 day ampoule treatmenthigh-purity sodium hyaluronate-based hydration╬▓-Moist and plump

3:Ozorylan hyaluronic acid ampoule contains a unique wrinkle reducing serum.
Pure hyaluronic acid improves elasticity.
Elasticity and appearance.
The combination of high molecular and low molecular hyaluronic acid. Polymer hyaluronic acid forms a protective barrier on the skin to prevent water loss. There are many opportunities for low molecular hyaluronic acid to be absorbed into the skin. It can draw lines and wrinkles from the skin. Soft, giving people a fresh feeling.