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Glutax 75gx DCRP 750000 Made In Itlay | 14 sessions

Original price was: ₨35,000.00.Current price is: ₨25,000.00.

Out of stock

Glutax 75g, a skin whitening product, and its availability and pricing in Pakistan. Here's what you mentioned:

  1. Availability and Price: You mentioned that Glutax 75g is available at an affordable price in Pakistan, and it can be obtained at a wholesale price from your source. It is also described as a top brand in aesthetic clinics.

  2. Functions: You listed several benefits of Glutax 75g, including skin repair, skin whitening, achieving a glowing and flawless skin, and addressing issues like pimples, scars, and oily skin.

  3. Packaging: It is available in a box with 14 sets, with one ampoule to be administered per week through dripping.

  4. Production: You noted that the product is produced in Italy, suggesting its origin.

  5. Authenticity: You emphasize that the product is 100% original and that you are a trusted and legitimate seller.

Please be aware that skin whitening products like Glutax 75g have been a subject of debate and controversy due to potential health risks associated with the use of certain skin-whitening agents. It's important to use such products with caution and under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.

Furthermore, the sale and use of these products may be subject to regulations and guidelines in Pakistan or other regions. Make sure to purchase from reputable sources, consult with a healthcare professional, and understand the potential risks and benefits associated with skin-whitening products before using them. Your safety and well-being should be the top priority when considering any skin treatment.